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Walking in greatness..

Women who walk in greatness are authentic
Authenticity is a characteristic of greatness in that you have to be 100% honest with yourself about who you are, whose you are, why are you are here and then walk in your truth.  Simply put: BE WHO YOU are without restriction, buffer, filters or limitations. Your inspiration is the woman inside of you who can walk into a room unconcerned about what “others” might think.

Women who walk in their greatness walk in EXCELLENCE.
Excellence is a characteristic of greatness. Excellence doesn’t mean perfection, but setting a higher bar for yourself. It means that you intentionally, and effortlessly, show up every day with you’re a-game. Get lifted by lifting your standard; divorcing status quo and eliminating a mediocre mindset.

Women who walk in their greatness strive for GROWTH.
Progress and growth is a critical factor for greatness. Your goal should be to not be the same person you are today this time next year. You want to be better in the future by learning and redefining yourself. We have to agree even if we don’t see what goes on in building ourselves up as women; there is likely an unconscious refining process that’s happening through trials and tribulations.

Women who walk in their greatness are likely to SERVE.
Service is the rent we pay for living on earth. Women who walk in their greatness have an agenda bigger than themselves. Serve, volunteer, give and pay it forward is the name of the game we are playing right now. Let’s face it the two primary reasons we are to serve others may be because our faith calls us to be good stewards or because we know it’s the right thing to do particularly if you’re used to being on the receiving side.

Women who walk in their greatness LOOK LIKE IT.
Fabulous is a characteristic of greatness. What I mean by that is you should “look like” greatness. Although we are talking about greatness as an intangible, your physical appearance and presence should speak volumes. You should look well pulled together and presented to the world like you are a child of the most High, daughter of the King and Heiress to the Throne no exceptions, no excuses.

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